Y Combinator - Request for Startups: Climate Tech

January 16, 2023

From Paul Graham: "Y Combinator has funded over 100 climate tech startups and wants to fund more. If you want to start one, here are some of the ideas they are looking for. But don't feel limited to these; the best ideas comes from founders"

The construction of buildings and infrastructure represents 13% of global emissions, with a majority of these emissions coming from the production of the raw materials required, such as concrete and steel. This will be a difficult industry to decarbonize due to challenges with inertia, low tolerance for any green premium, and lack of consumer awareness of the underlying materials used. And while there are significant challenges, construction materials is a $1T industry, so any company that can successfully solve these challenges has an opportunity for significant scale.

Full article here: https://www.ycombinator.com/blog/rfs-climatetech

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