Smøle Municipality

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Smøla, an island municipality in Norway facing harsh weather conditions from the Atlantic Ocean, stabilized 2 km of roads in 2019. “It was the first time we had used the Carbon Crusher method. There were a lot of discussions about whether we should try this new method or not, but the price and time spent was just way below what competitors could offer, and they had long experience in doing it” says Birger Traethaug, who is in charge of the infrastructure in the municipality. 

Three years on they are happy they chose Carbon Crusher. “We put asphalt on 1 year later due to budget constraints. The road was hard and very stable - even the asphalt provider said he thought it was the right choice to go with Carbon Crusher, as the road was ‘rock solid and stable’ ” The municipality will recommend using the Carbon Crusher method for similar road refurbishments in the future.

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Smøla Municipality, Norway
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2 km stabilisation of asphalt road
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Stabilised 2019. Asphalted 2020