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With the challenges road owners face today, from frequent road wear and tear to environmental concerns, our approach offers a fresh perspective. We specialize in an innovative method that utilizes full depth reclamation, giving existing road materials new life. Our BioBinders take this a step further, offering a road solution that is not only longer lasting but also environmentally conscious.

Across the board benefits:

  • Increase road load bearing capacity up to 200%
  • Roads that last 17 + years
  • Sequester 51 tonnes CO2 per mile of road
  • Reduce operational time by up to 40%

What sets us apart

Durability: Our process enhances the structural integrity of the road, offering an extended lifespan of 17+ years and reduced maintenance costs.

Sustainability: Our process is not just carbon-neutral—it's carbon-negative. We turn waste into usable materials.

Cost-Effectiveness: Carbon Crusher's method cuts down on both material and labour costs. By reusing existing road material, we eliminate the need for importing new resources.

CRAAS (Crushing as a Service): To expedite the adoption of sustainable road-making methods, we also offer Crushing as a Service. We provide local construction companies with our Crusher, BioBinder, and the essential training to execute our method effectively.

SkyRoads: Our upcoming road management platform will enable road owners to accurately predict road deterioration, effectively plan, monitor, and manage their roads in real-time. This technology will empower you to make optimal decisions for road maintenance.

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If you’re interested in road repair that aligns with both quality and sustainability, you’re in the right place. To explore how Carbon Crusher can meet your specific needs, complete the form below and we will get in touch.

Our strengths

Competitive pricing

Carbon Crusher offers competitive pricing due to our innovative use of bio binders and full depth reclamation, which reduces costs while delivering durable and sustainable road rehabilitation solutions.

Carbon negative

Carbon Crusher's road rehabilitation process effectively sequesters up to 6.2 kg of CO2 per square meter of road built, a figure that is derived from a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) covering the full production lifecycle, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and carbon negativity in infrastructure development.

Stronger and more durable

Carbon Crusher's roads are demonstrably up to 300% stronger than comparable roads built without our Bio Binder, significantly reducing wear and extending the road's lifespan, which serves as a testament to the durability and quality of our road rehabilitation methods.

Carbon calculator

We recycle the road on the spot and use a Biobinder which binds carbon in the road, instead of heavy oil.


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