Build longer lasting roads with Carbon Crusher

Crushing as a service (CRAAS) explained: Refurbishing worn out roads is a massive challenge and we can't do it without committed, innovative partners.
All of our partners receive the full support of the Carbon Crusher team, as well as BioBinders and Crushers.

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Our strengths

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing due to our innovative use of bio binders and full depth reclamation, which reduces costs while delivering durable and sustainable road rehabilitation solutions.

Carbon negative

Our road rehabilitation process effectively sequesters 51 tonnes of CO2 per mile repaired, a figure that is derived from a  comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), highlighting our commitment to sustainability and carbon negative road rehabilitaiton

Stronger and lasting

Our roads are up to 40-70% stronger than comparable roads built without our BioBinder, significantly reducing wear,  extending the road's lifespan and maintenance costs.

Our BioBinders

We supply our partners with our latest innovations in BioBinders. Our binders have been tested in rugged Norwegian conditions and have shown to withstand harsh cold and wet weather. We have also repaired roads in Phoenix, Arizona under the scorching sun, proving that our roads perform under any condition.

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roads have been refurbished with the Carbon Crusher method since we started in 2006.


CO₂ saved

Our Crusher

Experience the future of road rehabilitation with Carbon Crusher's state-of-the-art crusher. Engineered over 17 years, these tractor-mounted powerhouses deliver unparalleled durability, efficiency, and sustainability.

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SkyRoads - Our digital assets

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Welcome to SkyRoads, your ultimate software suite for road infrastructure management. We’ve packed it with a plethora of information and analytical functions, giving you a comprehensive model of all your roads in one visually stunning, fully simulated environment.Our software suite for planning, documenting and surveilling all road operations in your area.

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Our GreenJackets

Meet the Green Jackets—the gold standard of Carbon Crusher's operations. These top-tier engineers don the iconic green jackets, symbolising unparalleled quality and environmental responsibility. From planning to hands-on execution and partner education, they embody our ethos of sustainability and excellence.

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We recycle the road on the spot and use a Biobinder which binds carbon in the road, instead of heavy oil.


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