Fix your roads

We make stronger, longer lasting roads and carbon negative roads

Fix your roads

Upgrade your roads

We specialize in full-depth reclamation, revitalizing existing road materials. With carbon negative BioBinders, our roads are not only longer-lasting but also eco-friendly.

Fix your roads
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Faster time to project completion

17+ yrs

Of project experience with BioBinders and crushing  

51 tons

Sequestered CO2 / mile road repaired


Increased load bearing strength

Featured in Fast Company

Carbon Crusher’s road repair process uses recycled asphalt combined with a plant-based adhesive that is faster, cheaper, and actually sequesters carbon.

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Our process

Step 1

Asphalt road before refurbishment.

Step 2

Crushing of asphalt and mixing of BioBinder, grading and compacting.

Step 3

Road after refurbishment (40-70% stronger without asphalt). Even with asphalt coating on top our solution is carbon negative.

“The City of Phoenix celebrates the completion of its inaugural project in partnership with Carbon Crusher, marking a monumental milestone. Together, we have achieved the remarkable feat of sequestering CO₂ directly in the upgraded road and parking lot in Dreamy Draw Recreation Area. This project epitomizes our unwavering commitment to both quality and environmental stewardship in our cherished recreational areas.”

Todd Shackelford
Deputy Parks & Recreation Director for the
City of Phoenix

What sets us apart

Carbon Crusher offers a sustainable road-making solution with extended durability, cost savings, and predictive maintenance capabilities through CRAAS and SkyRoads.


Our process enhances road structural integrity, extending lifespan to 17+ years and reducing maintenance costs.


We're not just carbon-neutral; we're carbon-negative. We recycle old roads into stronger, long lasting ones.


Our method cuts material and labor costs by reusing existing road material, eliminating the need for new resources.


Accelerating sustainable road-making, we offer Crushing as a Service. Providing Crusher, BioBinder, and training to local construction companies.


Our software suite for planning, documenting and surveilling all road infrastructure in your area.

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Our strengths

Competitive pricing

We offer competitive pricing due to our innovative use of BioBinders and full depth reclamation, which reduces costs while delivering durable and sustainable road rehabilitation solutions.

Carbon negative

Our road rehabilitation process effectively sequesters 51 tonnes of CO2 per mile repaired, a figure that is derived from a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), highlighting our commitment to sustainability and carbon negativity in infrastructure development.

Stronger and longer lasting

Our roads are demonstrably 40-70% stronger than comparable roads built without our BioBinder, significantly reducing wear and extending the road's lifespan, which serves as a testament to the durability and quality of our road rehabilitation methods.

Carbon calculator

We recycle the road on the spot and use a Biobinder which binds carbon in the road, instead of heavy oil.


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