Changing the world from grey to green, one road at a time


Our Mission

At Carbon Crusher, we're driven by the vision to move the planet from grey to green. Our aspiration is not just to improve roadways but to better the world. We aim to use the biosphere to heal the atmosphere and inspire millions of minds to think in new, sustainable ways.

A value based company

Carbon Crusher is committed to innovation and sustainability. In fact we believe we need to innovate on order to build a green bridge to the future. Or as we say in Carbon Crusher, build a new way to solve the problems of today.

  • We are brave - We are pushing the boundaries for what is possible within our field
  • We are living with nature - We are pursuing sustainable practices in all our activities
  • We are open and reliable - We are transparent and accountable for who we are and what we do

Who are we inspired by? 

We are inspired by many thinkers and creators, one of them is Buckminster Fuller. Carbon Crusher's inspiration from Buckminster Fuller stems from Fuller's renowned commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and innovative design. Fuller, a 20th-century inventor and visionary, is best known for his work in architecture, particularly the geodesic dome, and his philosophy about "Spaceship Earth." Here are a few key aspects of Fuller's work and philosophy that align with the mission of Carbon Crusher:

1. Sustainable and Efficient Use of Resources: Fuller was a strong advocate for using Earth's resources in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. He believed in doing more with less, a principle that is foundational to environmental sustainability. Carbon Crusher’s method of road rehabilitation, which is more durable, cheaper, and carbon-negative, reflects this philosophy.

2. Innovation and Systemic Thinking: Fuller often thought in terms of whole systems rather than isolated parts. This approach is reflected in Carbon Crusher's comprehensive solutions like SkyRoads, which integrates various aspects of road management into a single system.

3. Focus on Environmental Stewardship: Fuller was deeply concerned about humanity's impact on the planet. His concept of "Spaceship Earth" highlighted the idea that Earth is a shared spaceship, and we have to manage its resources responsibly. Carbon Crusher’s aim to use the biosphere to heal the atmosphere and move the planet from grey to green resonates strongly with Fuller’s environmental ethos.

4. Inspiring Change in Thinking: Fuller was not just an inventor but also a philosopher who inspired people to think differently about the world and their role in it. Carbon Crusher’s mission to inspire millions of minds to think in new ways aligns with Fuller’s legacy of influencing thought processes.

Carbon Crusher’s approach to road rehabilitation, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, systemic thinking, environmental stewardship, and inspiring new ways of thinking, shares much in common with Buckminster Fuller's ideals and innovations. This shared vision likely serves as a source of inspiration for Carbon Crusher.

If you want to be join us on our mission, reach out, convince us that we can make an even bigger difference with you on the team. We are looking for commercial geniuses, tech heads that see a new world, bioengineers that dream up new solutions and Status Quo challengers that push for a green world.

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What we deliver

Competitive pricing

Carbon Crusher offers competitive pricing due to our innovative use of bio binders and full depth reclamation, which reduces costs while delivering durable and sustainable road rehabilitation solutions.

Carbon negative

Carbon Crusher's road rehabilitation process effectively sequesters up to 6.2 kg of CO2 per square meter of road built, a figure that is derived from a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) covering the full production lifecycle, showcasing our commitment to sustainability and carbon negativity in infrastructure development.

Stronger and more durable

Carbon Crusher's roads are demonstrably 40-70% stronger than comparable roads built without our Biobinder, significantly reducing wear and extending the road's lifespan, which serves as a testament to the durability and quality of our road rehabilitation methods.

Carbon calculator

We recycle the road on the spot and use a Biobinder which binds carbon in the road, instead of heavy oil.


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