February 21, 2024



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We leverage biopolymers sourced from sustainable forestry as binders to recycle and enhance existing road structures.  Our nature-based stabilizing agents contain a high amount of carbon that originates from the atmosphere, enabling road structures as a carbon sink to sequester CO₂ while simultaneously reinforcing the roads to withstand heavy traffic loads and reduce deformations.

Our binder gets reactivated by water, being able to restore developing cracks before they’re visible. Testing of our binder's effect on the mechanical properties of road materials have shown that our solution is able to increase maximum density of in-situ materials, increase stiffness and reduce deformations over time. Our refurbished roads continually increase in strength over the first few weeks before it stops. This is key to not experiencing deterioration or cracking of the road surface as our stabilized roads don't become brittle over time - and that’s why our customers experience reductions in construction- and maintenance costs by up to 90% over a 17 year period.

By combining our crushing technology and BioBinder, our solution is made applicable to most road scenarios and material types, and works in both extreme-heat and extreme-cold climates

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