November 30, 2023

Building the future


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Why are we sequestering carbon? And why are we committed to creating sustainable solutions? It is not the Paris Accord, it is not the green shift and it is not the prospect of making a lot of money. All of these reasons are legitimate and certainly pushing the pace in Carbon Crusher.

The real reason we do this is because we believe in the next generation, in our children and the future of humanity. On the simplest level it is living up to what any parent would want for their kids. The most ambitious version is to overcome what is known as The great filter. The great filter and the Fermi paradox,- civilization's inability to overcome the limitations of being confined to our planet. To overcome this filter we need generations of talent that can collaborate and work together on solving insurmountable challenges, in peace and on a sustainable planet. 

Developing the Lego prototype Crusher

It all starts when we are children, when we learn to be creative, to see possibilities beyond the limitations of the previous generations. And we, you, Carbon Crusher, need to keep this spirit alive in all generations to come. This is why we, as innovators, as a growth company and as creatives, have developed a Lego model of our future crusher. Something that will be built - by this or the next generation. The generation that will take us past The great filter. 

The finished Lego set- Crusher 3.0

Are your fingers tingling already? That is the reason…

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