December 11, 2023

Carbon Crusher Inc. Partners with Phoenix Energy


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Press Release: 

Carbon Crusher. is pleased to announce a collaboration with Phoenix Energy, focusing on the role of biochar in creating a new, carbon-negative road at the Blue Mountain Company Electric (BMEC) site. This partnership combines Phoenix Energy's biochar with our bio-binder, showcasing a novel approach to road technology.

Spanning 50,000 sq. ft and incorporating tons of biochar and bio-binder, this project is a paradigm shift in road construction. The biochar, a highly effective carbon-negative material, not only augments the road's durability and cost-efficiency but also propels its carbon footprint deep into the negative realm. Impressively, the project is expected to sequester between 80-100 tonnes of CO2, setting a new benchmark in sustainable infrastructure.The addition of biochar to our Biobinder is not just an improvement but a meaningful advancement in road construction technology. Preliminary results from our test road in Norway indicate positive impacts on several key performance areas.Our year-long experimentation with biochar, in conjunction with our Crusher and Bio-Binder technology, has shown encouraging outcomes. experimentation with biochar, in conjunction with our Crusher and Bio-Binder technology, has shown encouraging outcomes. 

Our collaboration with Phoenix Energy is a response to the growing market demand for sustainable road refurbishment, driven by environmental consciousness and the need for infrastructure updates. This trend is reflected in the increasing investment in sustainable road technologies by both government and private sectors. 

The BMEC road project serves as a starting point for our partnership, with Phoenix Energy positioned as a key biochar supplier for our West Coast operations. This venture not only addresses infrastructure needs but also aligns with our goals for sustainable road construction practices.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the BMEC road is expected to be completed by early  2024, marking a step forward in our journey towards a more sustainable future.

About Carbon Crusher Inc.

Based in Norway, Carbon Crusher Inc. specializes in sustainable road rehabilitation using innovative full-depth reclamation technology. Their unique process involves a "Crusher" machine and a bio-binder from paper industry waste, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of road construction. Catering to both public and private sectors, they also offer Crushing as a Service (CRAAS) and are developing SkyRoads, a real-time pavement management system. Committed to transforming roads globally into sustainable, carbon-negative pathways, Carbon Crusher is at the forefront of eco-friendly road solutions.

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