June 13, 2024

Stronger, Longer lasting, Carbon Negative - and Cheaper roads


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At Carbon Crusher, we offer an innovative solution. By employing full-depth reclamation (crushing and using existing mass) and integrating our carbon-negative BioBinder, we dramatically reduce both the ecological footprint and the cost of road construction, while simultaneously sequestering CO2. Our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) show a decrease of 12.5 kg of CO2 and an additional sequestration of 5.5 kg per square meter, totaling a significant 17 kg (37.5 lbs) CO2 impact per square meter. Moreover, our efficient methods allow us to refurbish up to 2,500 sqm (27,000 sqft) of road daily.

A prime example is our project in Telemark County, where we improved the crucial link between Hjartdal and Rjukan. Previously, road refurbishment costs reached up to $1,000 per meter, covering road rehabilitation, drainage and mass exchange. Carbon Crusher transformed this dynamic by implementing a 35 cm deep full-depth reclamation mixed with our BioBinder, resulting in a cost reduction of 70%. Even after accounting for additional tasks like foliage removal and side drainage, our approach allows three times more road coverage for the same investment.

In this article from Telen the mayor of Hjartdal says: “It hurts how little road we get pr. million noks”. 

Carbon Crushers approach doesn't just triple the stretch of road per $ in the budget—it also has a substantial positive impact on the climate, saving 17 kg of CO2 per square meter. In Telemark alone, our method sequestered 13,000 kg of CO2 and prevented an additional 30,000 kg from entering the atmosphere over just 350 meters of road. These numbers are a direct comparison of traditional mass exchange and bitumen stabilized roads vs the Carbon Crusher Way. 

Contact us to discuss how our unique selling points can enhance and economize your road maintenance projects while making a significant environmental impact. 

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