November 30, 2023



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With SkyRoads, your roads are documented in a cutting-edge interactive GIS framework. High-resolution images are mapped directly onto our interactive model, allowing you to manually annotate any irregularities in your road infrastructure or use our embedded AI tools for automatic scanning. The AI will whip up a status report, identifying potholes, cracks, and visible colorations that could indicate refurbishment needs, moisture collections, or potential weakening of the road surface.

Our on-crusher sensor package, CRAAS in a box, enriches the road data with additional analytics from an array of data points including: reclamation and stabilisation depth, moisture content in the road before and under crushing, added biopolymers, other sequestering materials per sqm, documentation of total sequestered CO₂, compacting, curing and more. Coupled with our extensive road library, simulating wear, load-bearing, weathering and temperature effects, we’ve developed predictive models to determine optimal refurbishment times for safety, economical impact and ecological footprint.

But what’s all this without some swag? Enter: Carbon Crusher_AdAstra. This is where everyone can participate in the Carbon Crusher mission. All Sky Roads data is integrated into an Unreal game engine that allows kids (and adults who are kids at heart) to sequester carbon in real time in a virtual world with real results. We believe that the next generation needs to see what we do and feel that they can participate in solving climate change challenges alongside their parents - the pioneering green road builders. And since we’re all kids deep down inside, why not take to the stars and build some roads there too? Welcome to Carbon Crusher AdAstra… More to follow.

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Preben Sander

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