April 22, 2024

The Heart in the cloud


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With a Heart in the Clouds.

Carbon Crusher has entered into an agreement with Hjartdal Municipality, which will be the first public customer in the Nordics, of the SkyRoads platform. This initiative is part of the municipality's effort to enhance the efficiency of public fund utilization, aiming to improve road standards and increase safety for its residents. For Carbon Crusher, this represents real-world testing of our models and artificial intelligence, developed locally.

Local technology

Mayor Bengt Halvard Odden stated, "Being the first to test this technology, especially from a local company, not only fills us with pride but also optimism about the future of our shared infrastructure. This is a unique opportunity to get more value and safety from our roads."

With SkyRoads, Hjartdal Municipality will leverage advanced data analytics to anticipate maintenance needs, enabling more targeted and cost-effective road infrastructure management. By adopting this technology, Hjartdal demonstrates a clear commitment to innovation and fiscal efficiency. The goal is for the community to enjoy more and safer roads for their money, while also fostering local innovation.

For the residents

The partnership with Hjartdal Municipality means that SkyRoads will contribute to safer and more efficient road construction. With Hjartdal as the initial test user, we are eager to see the development this collaboration will bring to the residents of Hjartdal.

Through the implementation of SkyRoads, Hjartdal Municipality will help a local tech company to make global changes. The ambition is for SkyRoads to become a new operating system for road planning.

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